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ISSUE 03: 

COPIES [in the age of network culture]

Spring 2015

Copies attempt to collect, reproduce, display, and re-configure projects in today’s network culture. Today, the network not only connects the world, it reconfigures culture and subjectivity. The omnipresence of the internet is changing the way we produce and share ideas in an unprecedented way. The 1976 book The Selfish Gene, by Richard Dawkins, defines a meme to a set of cultural data which acts like genes – replicating, spreading, and mutating in response to the selective demands of the culture in which they develop. Information when imitated is subjected to variation. Will network culture re-craft or diminish the public domain? How can one copy without making architecture overly autonomous? What is the difference between unconscious and conscious influence? How do you aggregate images? In an image saturated culture, what is the role of copying? Is copying dead whilst data driven architecture prevails? How can imagery be used as data? At what point can the icon exist and be considered without relation to its history and time - besides the time it currently resides in? Should we be ashamed of copying? what is the difference between copies in the age of network culture and the tradition of the precedent study?

ISSUE 03 is interested in gathering a wide range of contributions. Screenshots, text, photography, drawing, collage, render, paper archives, digital archives. For essays, text or papers please submit an abstract (250 words maximum).

Please send your proposals by November 28th, 2014 to placeholder.net@gmail.com